Most members know I've purchased a set of Brembo 4 pot calipers and 325mm front discs for my Astra Mk4. See post for the problems I have had with fitting them. I've been in communication now since that post with Ian at Godspeed brakes to try and sort out the fitment problems. On the 21st September 2005 Ian offered to make a new set of bells to enable the kit to fit behind my 18" wheels. At first he'd claimed that new bells wouldn't work as the track rod end would not allow any more depth in the bells but that's been proved to be a false statement as there is loads of room between the bells and track rod ends.
On 15th October 2005 I confirmed to Ian what dimensions I would like the new bells made in, I wanted them made so the disc sat 4mm further in and a 3mm spacer incorporated in the outer bell edge in order to ensure the wheels would fit back on and clear the calipers. On the 26th October I got a confirmation from Ian that he had recieved the new dimensions and that he was just finishing off a big group buy for a lot of Subarus but would get round to doing mine after that but that I should have them within a week.
My missus was extremely ill just after that and I had a lot of more important things to think about so I didn't pursue the brakes for a while. Send another e-mail on 15th November 2005 asking how things were going, got no reply. Another e-mail on 25th November 2005 saying I'd paid for the brakes 3 months before but still wasn't able to use them could he please respond. He replied the next day saying he'd been ill with flu but that he had them made but that they just needed the holes drilling, he'd have them ready by the next monday 28th November 2005. Replied wishing him a speedy recovery.
No contact again and still no new bells, sent another e-mail 6th December 2005 asking if he'd send them as I hadn't recieved anything, no reply.

New e-mail 15th December 2005 as I was just run out of patience, here's it in it's entirety
Hi Ian,

Still no reply from my last e-mail Ian. Last one from you was on the 26 November 2005 saying you'll be posting them the following Monday.
Sorry Ian but my patience has run out. I'm tired of broken promises, it's been almost 5 months now and I still haven't been able to use the kit. If I don't have the new bells and a correct replacement caliper bolt by the end of next week I will contact Trading Standards as the kit is plainly not fit for the purpose it was sold for. I will also go down to the Small Claims court and see if I can start proceedings in order to recover my outlay.
Sorry it has to come to this but you leave me little option.



And the reply,

Hang on a minute , I'm doing you a favour by supplying different bells to fit your wheels , you have had off me a kit to fit your car , which is exactly what it does , fit your car , I would charge £200 to supply bells to there own drawings

I would not have a case to answer , I am clearing all my existing orders first as I dont want any work outstanding when I break up for christmas , your new free bells will also be finished

FFs !

No Hi, no names, just seems annoyed that I've bothered him about it again. Replied with,

Hi Ian,

I was trying to solve our problem amicably. I've given you loads of time to try and come up with a solution. To be perfectly honest Ian the kit doesn't fit the car. It fits in place but that's not much use if the wheels won't go back on. Even with standard 17" wheels fitted the kit would not clear, I bought a set of 17" Turbo coupe wheels and it wouldn't clear those either.
However if your saying my new bells will be ready by Xmas it's not a problem is it, I could do with them by Xmas though as like you I break from work for 2 weeks and I could use the time to try and fit the new bells.
Shouting and pointing fingers won't help Ian, we need to sort this problem out for both our sakes. I'm sure you want the matter solved as much as I do, however making promises which you don't keep doesn't help. I'm sure if the situations were reversed you'd be as upset as I am over a situation which has dragged on and on.



As you now expect I've not had the new bells, I've sent a new e-mail today asking for a Full Refund as the Sales Of Goods Act 1979 says I'm entitled to that as the goods are not fit for the purpose the were sold for.

Anyone any advise or comments, not trying to start a flame thread here, just relaying the facts and seeing what you guys think, no wild threats please, don't want the mods to delete the post.

Mods I can supply ALL e-mails to you if you request them, not wishing to mislead or misrepresent the issue here. Please feel free to delete the thread if you feel it contravenes the rules but at least let me know why if you do.