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Thread: Regals phase 5

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    Regals phase 5

    Anyone have any views on this. Is it too much for an astra!,has anyone had it done
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    It's up to you to decide if it's 'too much for an astra' coz people will have their own opinions on that.

    my only input would be that obviously couldn't 'just' have stage 5, you would need to have an LSD, uprated clutch and sorted brakes and suspension to make the power hike worthwhile and 'useable' but of course thats common sense. Oh and possibly play around with the gearbox to stop it going pop.

    and if I was to do all that, I would get some lightweight magnesium wheels and some road legal semi-slicks (summer use only)

    So overall the only thing holding you back is yourself and money!

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