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Thread: Red VXR on A90 Aberdeen to Dundee.

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    Cool Red VXR on A90 Aberdeen to Dundee.

    Well.... got to see my first VXR yesterday, i was driving toward dundee from Forfar and i looked in my mirror to see a nice shiney red VXR with trade plates driven by two vauxhall salesman (they had vauxhall fleeces on)

    I moved over, let them past... gave them a big cheesy smile and the thumbs up and they gave me a beep of the horn....and also two very cheesy "simpsons like" smiles

    The car looks lovely.. i stayed with it just to get a closer look, and it sat very firm in front of me at about 80mph, looked nice and calm on the roundabouts and well... I liked it !!!

    Im starting to really like the mk5/sporthatches... just wish i could afford one lol. But a vectra c is still on my list

    just thought i'd add to the VXR forum... you guys that have/getting one.. have a very nice car there

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    What dyou drive mate? I want one =[

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    i currently drive an import Toyota MR2 G-limited, after having given my sister my Astra G.....

    But im planning on putting my trusty, and not bragging, quite mint 95 Cavalier back on the road. And keeping the 2 as a project.

    I love the MR2, always wanted one... but im having a bad case of "withdrawl from Vauxhall symtoms" lol

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