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Thread: CARS in mot

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    Angry CARS in mot

    My cars gone in for an mot this morning everything was fine until last night when the reverse lights packed up

    Got some new bulbs but that didn't work

    Checked the fuse but still no joy

    Anyone know what else it might be and how do i go about fixing it please


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    ps its on a mk3 l-reg if that makes a difference

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    pretty sure there will be a switch thats gone, very common on vauxhalls really... not 100% sure where it is... but im guessing its in your engine bay on the sure somebody will be along to help further lol

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    This happened to one of my previous Vxls. Rosco83 is right there is a switch on the gear box in the engine bay, exactly where it is I dunno. I just went into my local Vxl dealer and asked for a switch and then asked them to show me where it goes, then fitted it myself. 2min job and sorted.

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    thanks guys

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    I am 99% sure that reverse lights are not tested.

    Front fog lights are not tested either.
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    it passed no problem reverse lights don't come into an mot i did not know that

    Quite strange but good news for me

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