You know them Pringle pots that come with a code on the side of em and every tin wins a KONG related prize? Well, I got one today and thought "Ooooh Might Win Something Cool"... WRONG!!!! After using a lighter to make the freaking code appear as my hands were cold as hell, I entered it on the site hoping to get something like the "Portable DVD Player", "Laptop" or sometyhing else thats cool... What did I get? A lousy "KONG Roar" sound for my email... How poo it that? Hardly a prize really is it.. Anyways, I wondered what other crap prize might be on offer and had a peek on the Pringles site.. This is what I have found as some lazy bugger decided to leave the web folder open.. - The crappy ROAR sound.. - An even crappier screensaver.. - Poo wallpaper 1.. - Poo wallpaper 2.. - Poo wallpaper 3.. - Poo wallpaper 4..


Enjoy the poo prizes as I have