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Thread: Central Locking given up?

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    Central Locking given up?

    Hi all,

    Suddenly my central locking has given up. I have a 2000 1.8 Sport with remote central locking. A year or two ago I fitted the full closure module. This worked for a few months and then suddenly gave up the ghost (No ideas why and I tried several relays).

    My car has touch wood had no problems for a year or so since the full closure gave up. Suddenly a couple of days ago my car would not lock by pressing the key fob. I put the key in the door and it would only lock that door manually. I.e the central locking is completely not working.

    It then started working back to normal again. The next day the problem came back and to this time I have no central locking.

    What have I tried?

    Fuses - all seem ok
    Disconnected battery - no change

    I haven't had a chance to look at the old wiring circuit where the relay piggybacks the central locking. Is there anything I can do there to test the circuit? In likelyhood I will completely remove the relay.

    It just seems bizaare that even turning the key doesn't activate closure of all locks now?

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    it is a bit strange mate, might be best off going down a scrappy and replacing the module, but im not sure how that wil play with immobiliser, never had to play with the CL system, so im not the person to help u unfortunatly, might sound silly does the red light on your key fob still flash wen u press the button? tried your second key?

    MK4 1.8 16V Sport and MK5 CDTi Estate

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