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Thread: What is done in a 40K service?

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    What is done in a 40K service?


    Just a quick question,
    Coming upto 40k service on my 2002 astra 1.8 convertible.

    Just woundering what should be done change at 40K. I know the timing belt needs to be done, but what else should they do?

    I've been given a price of £196 for a full 40k service and timing belt change. Just want to check that they are not leaving anything out and reducing the cost that way.


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    Its your full service time. IIRC the poster on the wall of my local vauxy dealer said £130 full service (air filter, oil filter, petrol filter, pollen filter, AC regassed (if applicable), oil renewed, brake fluid changed and Spark plugs changed.

    You can have done ....
    Cam belt change. They won't automatically do this as its not part of the service. I'm gonna change the cam belt, rollers and water pump. (The water pump isn't a necessary but they tend to be over stretched with a new cam belt on and give up). Change it whilst there, there.

    Its a jam thing

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