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Thread: How To - Fit Irmscher Sill Cover's

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    How To - Fit Irmscher Sill Cover's

    I know this is a failry simple task but since I was doing it I thought I would make it into a How To.. Ffoeg can put it into a PDF if he likes

    The guide is for a 3 door vauxhall Astra G.

    Lets start with what you need..

    1: Your Irmscher Sill Covers ( How To will be the same for most sill covers )
    2: Some Cleaning Wipes ( I used Glass wipes )
    3: A Cloth

    The sill covers, wipes and cloth needed.

    The sill covers I bought from LMF had the words "link" ( left ) and "recht" ( right ) on them.. I have had a hard look at the covers and cannot find a difference in them to require this but, just to be on the safe side, I put them on the correct sides of the car..

    Step 1:
    You wil need to remove the bottom seal to fit any sill cover that has a curve ( like the Irmscher ones ).. It comes off very easily so start at one end and pull gently.

    Remove the rubber seal.

    Step 2:
    You will need to thoroughly clean the area the sill cover will be fitted.. For this I used a few glass cleaning wipes and then a dry cloth. Make sure this is done properly before continuing as the sill cover might not stick.

    Wipe the area clean with the wipes and then with a dry cloth.

    Step 3:
    Next step is to know were you will put the sill cover. On my car I had the following grooves and used them to align the sill cover.. You might need to mark the area with a pencil ( on both door sills ) if you dont have these grooves.

    I used grooves already there as guides.

    Step 4:
    Put the sill in place to see how it looks ( do not remove the film over the sticky strips yet ). If your happy go to step 5.

    Put the sill in place to see how it looks.

    Step 5:
    Remove the red film form the sticky strips.

    Remove the red strips off the sticky pads.

    Step 6:
    When putting the sill covers in place, do so "top in" ( 1 ) then "down" ( 2 )..

    Push the strips in then down.

    Step 7:
    Rub the sill cover with the cloth pressing hard to make sure it is in place.

    Rub it with a cloth pressing hard.

    Step 8:
    Once the cover is in place, put the seal back were it was ( make sure it goes back preperly starting from the back to the front of the door ).

    Put the seal back in place.

    Step 8:
    Admire the work and maybe have a cuppa, then get starting on the other side

    Admire the work..

    The entire job took me 20 minutes ( this with drinking a cup of tea as well as taking the pics ).

    The sill covers were purchased from the good folk @ LMF Vauxhall - - Link to Sill Covers

    Have fun...
    Mr Sploodge, Accept No Imitations!

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    Now added to the How To thread.

    Cheers Andy

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