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Thread: wanadoo deal ( a dont get it)

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    wanadoo deal ( a dont get it)

    hi folks dont suppose anyone has seen the new deal that wanadoo have started. well if your a new customer its great cos you will get a 2mb connection all for £14.99 plus free wireless for six months. but for exsisting customers you HAVE to PAY the full price of 17.99 plus £4.00 for the wireless. now a know the difference is only £7.00 but you would think that they would have some sort of deal for the customers they do have.

    sorry for anyone who works for wanadoo, maybe you could mention this to your superiors.

    if only i wasnt tied to the 12 month contract i would be gone

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    yeah... im with you on this, i pay £17.99 and i have a 1.1mbps connection.. yet, sign up as new customer get 2mb straight away, while existing customers have to pay £20 to upgrade? thats just not on in my opinion

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