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If you want Sunday tickets just print this:
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the number is 08700130656
you'll be put on hold for a bit then tell whoever answers NUTS 100. you will then be eligible for 2 free tickets. otherwise they are £25 - £35 !!! It's on Fri, Sat, Sun...

Nuts presents Weekend at Dave's
ExCel Exhibition Centre, 1 Western Gateway, E16 1XL

Girls in bikinis, huge cars, tiny electronic gadgets, gambling, beer, jetskis, lower division footballers... and everything else from the wonderful world of Nuts, all under one roof at this ridiculous - and probably massively enjoyable - touring show.

In a half-arsed attempt to give it some class, they've given each section a holiday destination theme - the cars are in 'Monaco', the casinos are 'Las Vegas' and the gadgets are from 'Tokyo. Oh, and you can visit 'Los Angeles' if you want to see Abi, Lucy, Michelle and the rest flashing their bits, though Essex would probably have been a better name for this section.

Other activities include a fashion show and the chance to take a penalty against dodgy England 'keeper Paul Robinson. There's even an 'Ibiza' disco at the end of each day, with international DJs like Brandon Block and Judge Jules, although since this is likely to be a largely female-free event, it'll be a slightly weird party.

Anyway, it sounds like it'll be good, boozy entertainment for you and your mates.