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Thread: tickover problem

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    tickover problem

    my coupe turbo seems quite lumpy on tickover.iv'e just come back
    from an engine tuner in my area who put the car on his machine
    and it found no faults everything was spot on.iv'e been to three
    different places now including my vauxhall dealer to no avail.the
    car is factory set to 780 rpm standard for tickover but seems to
    drop slightly and seems to be hunting anybody else had a similar
    prob?my car is standard at present
    cheers matt

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    Change the plugs for a set of iridium ones. as basically the standard plugs are crap. there are many options, some of the most popular are the Denso IK 24's or 26's, cant remember which ones they are, or what most of us use, which are the NGK BKR6EIX which have a 0.8mm electrode gap, or BKR 6EIX-11, which are the same, save for a 1.1mm electrode gap. either will work, the smaller gap ones are used more in high boost applications,
    Astra GSi Turbo, SOLD

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