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Thread: Noisy clutch pedal

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    Thumbs Up Noisy clutch pedal

    I've got a mk4 astra and the clutch pedal is driving me mad. When you press/release it makes a strange noise. I know this is a common thing with vauxhalls but does anyone know how to stop the noise?


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    everey vaux ive had so far has done this at somepoint.. apart from the mk4, yet.

    If you dont wanna take bits off & clean, grease or oil them up... get yourself a trusty can of WD40 with the wee straw, do a spot of aiming, and dont be scared of the stuff... push teh pedal a few times to let it penetrate. repeat if needed, but that should sort it out.

    you might want to put an old newspaper down to stop you getting your carpets all covered.

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    p.s.... sorry about the dodgy spelling :S ..... im very tired lol

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