Hey guys, could you give me some guidance as to what tire pressures id need to run?
The tires are 195/50/R15 im just curious as to what the tyres should be pumped up to?
With them being lower profile, ive pumped fronts to 35psi for time being and rears to 31-32psi....the car isn't going anywhere at the moment so its not as if im going to have problems with tyres wearing unevenly.

And Nope i dont have the handbook or a haynes manual to hand to take a peak at.

So any help would be very much appreciated
Thinking of getting the most out of these tires....then go for some Continental Ecocontact tires from mytyres.co.uk seem to perform well in wet and dry conditions and are pretty quite...i forget the actual name of tire.

But will post what they are tomorrow.