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Thread: Just got a good deal from O2

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    Just got a good deal from O2

    A few days ago I got a huge bill through on my Orange phone. Close to £200 for a months worth of use. So they can kiss my ass.

    Before I got my Orange phone I had a new O2 phone. The handset was a 6170 and it was total pants so I ditched it within 2 weeks of starting the contract.

    For the last 8 months the contract has been running. I put it onto the lowest tariff possible, the O2 25 (£15/month) and just paid the line rental.

    Today I called O2 to get my tariff raised again as I will need to start using the phone. I started moaning about the tariffs they offered me, saying I wanted more free minutes and wanted it to cost less. The girl told me I couldn’t have any better deals as I have only been a customer for 8 months, I now knew I wasn’t being offered everything and wanted even more from her. The girl put me through to her manager as she was fighting a hopeless cause.

    I told the manager I never get any good deals because I have to change my contract each year to get a free phone and I had been on Celnet / Genie / O2 for the last 13 years, which is true. He asked me what handset I wanted, I told him a 6680. He said he could upgrade me for £100 as that wasn’t a free handset. I told him I didn’t call for an upgrade, I wanted a decent tariff. He then said he could do me the phone for £49… my ears *****ed up

    I said ok but I need to get my tariff sorted. He told me that if I agree to extend my contract for a further 4months I can have a double bundle for 6 months (double free minutes + double free texts) on whatever tariff I choose. Also he will give me a 20% discount on my line rental.

    I chose the £30 tariff which will be costing me £24 each month. A saving of £72 a year. I also get all the benefits from being on a £45/month tariff for the next 6months. Which basically means I just got myself a free 6680 and money left over..

    And I haven’t even had the sim-card in a phone for the last 7months!!!

    I'm very pleased
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    o2 do offer some great deals mate, i was on the £25, 500free text message contract, when i phoned to cancel it because i wasnt using the messages they dropped the monthly charge to just £10, thats qaulity

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