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Thread: astra mk 3 steering wheel replacement needed

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    astra mk 3 steering wheel replacement needed

    Hi....just picked up a astra mk3 cesaro for next to nowt in ex condition for the lad and he wants to tidy it up a bit. First on the to do list is to replace the steering wheel which looks as though its had a chunk bitten out of it just where you hold the wheel. So can anyone let me know what steering wheels will fit a mk 3 (with air bag). This will be only a temp replacement cos its just uncomfy holding the wheel and it doesnt matter if the steering wheel is off a different make/model of car ( i think the lad wants to spend a few weeks holiday in the scrapyard).
    Any help/advice woul be grateful....thanx dyln

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    Welcome to Astra-Sport.

    With Airbag, you'll need to get a MK3 Astra wheel as airbag connectors are different from Car to Car.

    Then there's the splines which won't line up either.

    Put a post in the Wanted section, someone might have one available on here.

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