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    Question AS Sunstrip

    I revieved my astra sport sunstrip this morning so thanks Matt and anyone else who was envolved in sending it to me.

    Im a bit confused on how to put it on the car though? This may sound really stupid sorry but ive never done it before and ill only get one chance so i dont want to mess it up.

    Ill be gratefull for any help

    Cheers Guys

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    well.. firstly... make sure the surface is clean & free from grease, dirt, grit etc... then.. spray the area you want to put it with luke warm water, even a drop of soap in if you wish. and line up the sunstrip where you want to put it, make sure its straight and start applaying it from one side working out any bubbles or creases as you go. Make sure all the writting is properly sticking down. once its down continue to work the water out with a credit card type card with a cloth over it making sure its all smooth. Then just leave it to dry, normally a day max... or you could help it along with a hair dryer. Its really easy... as you'll see when you try. But bare in mind its far far easier to do with a friend holding it from the other side of the car, working together.

    Sorry for any dodgy spelling, in a hurry lol.


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    Firstly, try and get a friend to help, better with 2 people.

    Clean the window and make sure it`s dirt free.

    Starting at the left side (A/S Logo), peel back the backing, making sure that the text is stuck to the underside of the clear(ish) strip, then just line it up and push onto the window. Use some sort of plastic scraper to take out any air bubbles and peel back the clear strip very carefuly.

    Job Done.
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    Tips as follows : (need some one to do a how to for this to be honest )

    Clean windscreen with white spirts or meths etc to make sure no glass polish etc is on the glass (if this isnt done it will just peal off when you jet wash it etc)

    Measure the full width of the screen and work out the middle dimension of the screen, put some masking tape on the screen to mark the spot. Once this is done you also need to work out the left and right side of where the sunstrip will sit - this will make sure its level (make sure its equal either side - but remember the round Logo is different to the text so will sit higher ) Again mark them out with masking tape.

    Then do the same on the vinly/text of the sunstrip - work out the middle (off the text, the backing paper is not the same size) and again mark it with a pencil or masking tape, then do the left and right upper edges to make sure its level.

    Once all the measuring is done and marked up, get a friend/family member to hold one side and you the other, you may even need a third person to make sure the centre lines line up. Once you are all happy its lined up, start from the middle and work outwards and stick the strip to the window. Using a towel/cloth make sure all the air bubles are out and the vinyl lettering is well stuck.

    Lastly pull away the backing tap very gently and make sure all the letters are stuck (you may need to go over certain letters again to make sure they stick to the screen).

    Once done stand back and admire Take pictures and post them on the board
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