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Thread: Stolen please help.

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    Angry Stolen please help.

    Please everyone, we need your help in finding a car VERY urgently. Marks Immaculate Nova Spider has been stolen!!!! This car is VERY rare and distinguishable, Nova 1.3i Convertible/spider, White, fitted with hardtop at time of theft!

    It was Stolen from Premier Lodge Car Park at Billing Aqua Drome Northampton

    Reg: F414 EWD

    If ANYONE see's it, or has any information, please contact Mark on: 07786167242

    Pictures and Spec can be found here:

    The car is immaculate, Floor, inner arches are white, everything powder coated, chromed, engine runs the even rarer irmsher Injection. There isnt another out there like this!

    If you have a local forum, or know of any other car forums, PLEASE copy this and put it up, this car needs to be recovered and the scum caught!

    Pic of the car being built, now has Irmscher twin headlight grille & hardtop </FONT>

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    Thought I'd seen this on here somewhere already but it's terrible to hear. Irmscher spiders rule.
    Nova Merit: 2000-2003 // Irmschered Astra SRi: 2003-2005 // Leon Cupra R: 2005 - 2006 // Linea Rossa Convertible Turbo: 2006-2008 // BMW 840Ci: 2008 - 2012

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    It was posted last week - but it's always good to give people a reminder

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