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Thread: Any experiences with Astra MK5 ??

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    Any experiences with Astra MK5 ??

    I've a new MK5 Astra with 5 doors.

    I want to change the standar ice with a better one, but I don't want to loose the computer-screen and the audio controls in the steering wheel.

    I want to try, first, changing only the speakers. Has anybody the dimensions for front and rear doors ??

    Any instructions for the panel door removal, with pics -please-? I've seen only for older astras, but not for the new model.

    Finally, has anybody any experiences updating only the speakers? It's a better and powerful sound now, or I must change the head unit? In this case, is possible keeping the native functionalities in the car screen and the sound controls in the steering wheel ?

    Thanks in advance !!

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    I think for best improvements, a new HU would work .....

    Considering Vauxhall can supply you with VDO head units, you would think that it would be okay to do.
    Unless anyone knows different, I'd have a word with your dealer.

    Sorry a bit vague, but I was told that the stereos are much more integrated into the car.

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