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Thread: Help needed with insurance stuff please!!

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    Angry Help needed with insurance stuff please!!

    I know its long but please rear as i need your help!

    After my brother writing off my last astra nearly 2 months ago, ive had 2 months of hastle with the insurance and phoning india every day to hear the same story is getting beyond a joke. Ive tried all of the complaints and after putting the phone down on several occasions im now attempting to help them in hope that they will help me. Im looking for some information to send them as I had declared all of my mods to them. I had a good page on tinternet where my alloy wheels were very expensive and this is what I sent to them 1 month ago and now im being asked to send them again and now I cant find the same page or anything suitable.

    I am required to send them the following, data/pages containg the prices of -

    - Car (T Plate 1.6 Sport)
    - alloy wheels (Arospeed Riot 17")
    - Lowering springs (Any will suffice)
    - Lexus rear lights (Again any will suffice)

    I would obviously like to get the most expensive quotes to give to them, I had a quote for £900 for the wheels before but now I cant find the site!

    So I realise it may be a lot to ask but im looking for some help as im finding it really hard to find the sites again and also, seen as I cant find a site with a stated price for the wheels, im looking for any other wheels that are similar that are most expensive!

    If you could just leave the names of the wheels that are similar that you know of so that I can get searching for them in their most expensive form that would be great.

    I will never insure another car with NUD as the whole system is a total disgrace to their company.

    Many Thanks in advance

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    story sounds familiar. managed to write my car off several months ago by sliding into a keep left bollard in the wet. WOOPS. lesson learnt - buy good tyres
    But anyway i had just spent £700 on wheels 3 weeks before and wrecked them all! but i hadnt told the insurance company so lost the lot and gon no extra money. luckely i kept the original 15" badboys so brought the car as scrap offf them and got it repaired (chassis/suspention damage, not helped by previous dodgy repair) and put the old ones back on. now slowly saving up to buy some more and continue doing up the old girl!

    Hope things work out well. go on auto trader and copy all the most expensive adverts you can find. it helped me!

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