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Thread: Which wires for interior lights?

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    Which wires for interior lights?

    Hoping someone from the UK can help out with this little querie, before I start ripping the interior apart myself!
    I'm installing under-dash lights and door/courtesy lights that will go on/off with the interior lights. Can anyone tell me what wires and whereabouts I can hook up to them under the dash for the connection of these lights? Or, which fuse to link into the back of?
    I'm sure the wiring on Vauxhall would be the same as Holden. Someone in the UK would've already done this, I'm sure. Could save me a heap of time and trouble pulling stuff apart looking. Thanx.
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    All my lightting in my car such as door handles and foot wells is running of the interior light its self. I took the a piller off and ran the wire up to the head lining and tucked it under the head lining. Its the best feed to be honest to run auxilary lighting

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