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Thread: Show Mustang (pics possible 56k warning)

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    Show Mustang (pics possible 56k warning)

    There was something about the Meguiars OZ Mustang that made me think i had seen it before and now i've found out what it was....

    Meguirs Show Car

    Burnout Car

    the Two Of them

    my Uncle Rob in Australia Sent me the Pictures a few days ago of the burnout car pulling the show car at Summernats 18, he saw them on the site and sent me them as i didnt believe it was the same guy that owned both...

    But right enough Both are owned by a guy called Gary Myers, The burnout king of the world According to the organisers of Summernats (like max poo but without chavs and sh*t cars) never knew it until recently (i was too young but i remember the car) but i met this guy in 1990 and again in 1993 and 94 at a Western Australian Event called Motorvation,

    Not Surprised i forgot his name and not surprised i remembered the car either....

    Also the Silver bullet (show car) is not just a Static Display Show car, this is a Car that is used in Driving Events at shows aswell!!

    both cars have an Impressive amount of engine mods... heres the details,

    Silver bullet Show car (Muzzy Jnr),

    HOK Orion Silver Glamour Metallic with Marblised Voilette Flames

    Type: 392ci Chrysler Hemi Stroked to 410ci
    Pistons: Venolia forged
    Camshaft: Crow flat tappet plus lifters
    Injection: Hilborn four-port with Enderle 80A pump. Twin, front - mounted surge tanks
    Ignition: Hunt / Vertex Magneto
    Blowers: 8/71 Mooneyham (Top) 6/71 Mooneyham (Bottom) on Mickey Thompson Manifold

    Gearbox: Two - Speed Power Glide
    Converter: TCE 4000 Stall
    Diff: Nine-Inch (4.56:1) Mark Williams Diff Yolk, 9+ centre, Romac pinion support, full spool.
    Axels: Romac full-floating hubs with Romac 35-Spline, Hy-Tuff axels.
    Front Suspention: Fabricated twin A-arm with Air Bags
    Rear Suspention: Fabricated four-bar with angled top arms and airbags.
    Brakes: Alcon four-piston with 328x28mm two-piece rotors

    Seats: Customized Recaro
    Wheel: Momo Silver Jet
    Gauges: Auto Meter Carbon Fibre Series
    Tunes: Clarion VRZ935VD head unit, APA4320 four-channel amp, SRR 1685 six - inch front speakers & SRX - 6984 6x9-inch rears

    Rolling Stock:
    American Racing Hopsters, 17x7 (f) 15x15 (r)

    Burnout Mustang (Muzzy)

    Spies Hecker with Dupont Graphics

    Type: 302 Windsor, Stock Block and Crank, Main Stud Girdle
    Pistons: TRW Blower Pistons on Steel H-Beam Rods
    Heads: World Product Heads
    Camshaft: Crow flat tappet plus lifters, Crow Springs, Collets, Retainers and Push Rods
    Blower: 6/71 Fisher Blower

    Gearbox: Two - Speed Power Glide
    Converter: TCE 4000 Stall
    Diff: Nine-Inch (3.5:1) 31 Spline Mini spool.
    Axles: Moser axles.

    By: Claide Carafarno

    Rolling Stock:
    Wheels: Bondspeed Sweep Tech
    Tyres: BFGoodrich G-Force (Radia T/A's used for Burnouts)

    Car Specs from Low IS a Lifestyle

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    why is the silver one being towed ?
    im bored !

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    because it uses all of its fuel in 23 seconds?
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