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Thread: Centre Console - irmscher or a similar one?

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    Centre Console - irmscher or a similar one?

    Should i buy a genuine vauxhall centre console or a proper irmscher centre console, from what i believe is much more £££££££

    any ebay sellers out there with good stuff?

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    Well... i have the gunmetal GSi/Coupe centre console and handbrake surround, all i need is the ashtray and cigarette lighter piece, anyway, i got my parts from red griffin styling, who are online. Very helpfull and very prompt & friendly service, They are genuine GM parts and the centre console was £39.99, and hand break & gear surround was £29.99 if i remember correctly. You dont wanna know what vauxhall charge, £163-£125 for irmscher prices. and i know my local main dealer personally and get discount. If you fancy they gunmetal grey give them a lookie mate

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