Just to let you know about the current down time of the site.

The site was offline for 24 hours on the 25th due to a problem with the domain registration, it was a mess up on our behalf and that of the hosting company. However its all sorted now and we have put procedures in place to make sure it doesn't happen again.

The site was offline for 8 hours on the 26th due to the HDD of the server astra-sport is hosted on being replaced an upgraded but he hosting company, this was down to a lot of errors occurring and a precaution measure to ensure HDD failure didn't happen.

After a long period of time of astra-sport being very reliable we were a little annoyed about this current down time. However we are doing our best for it to not happen again in the near future.

Thanks for bearing with us and we apologise for an inconvenience this mat of caused.

The astra-sport team