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Thread: Odd noise coming from drivers side front wheel.

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    Question Odd noise coming from drivers side front wheel.

    Hello. I've got a '95 Mk3 1.7 LS Turbodiesel saloon with the Vauxhall DTL engine.
    The problem is that my Astra has developed an odd metal to metal squeal which appears to be coming from the drivers-side front wheel. It sounds like similar to the kind of noise that you would get from a dodgy supermaket trolleys'and wheel as you push it around.
    The noise only occurs when the car is in motion and comes on after a short period of time and sometimes stops if the car runs over an uneven stretch of road as if something has been jarred about, the noise then sometimes returns and sometimes doesn't.
    I've recently had the front discs and pads replaced and the back durms and shoes checked.
    I would appreciate any ideas that might help me solve this problem. Btw I am of the opinion that the whell bearing may be on the way out but as I'm no mechanic I cant be certain.

    Many thanks


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    Sounds like the pads are jamming a bit. Might be worth taking it back to whoever fitted the new brakes and getting them to check the pads aren't gummed up with old dust and dirt.
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