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Thread: oh so many problems!

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    oh so many problems!

    Missed the second appointment with vauxhall last week, waited 3 weeks for it because that was the earliest for the loan car, and then they tell me i can only have it if i provide both parts of the license

    i have lost the green part in the house renovation, its there but not there!
    Had to cancel it and this time, i called Harrow vauxhall to rebook it in

    they were SO RUDE. every problem i gave them, i got an answer along the lines of "what do you mean this is a problem" or "to be honest, all the problems cant be fixed as you would have to show it to us"

    These are the problems

    1. driving yesterday, and on the roundabout at 30mph, engine switched off and all lights came on. luckily with speed, i managed to coast off the round about and then 5mins later after much crunching and pedal pushing, it fired up. no problems since last night

    2. car wouldnt start and had the orange management light last month

    3. tappets were doing its thang, oil was low but no oil light. filled up oil only 2 weeks ago!

    4. brakes on its way out, only wanted a checking... i got "what do you mean its on its way out"

    5. clutch pedal grinds on the way back up, and gear stick tends to stick or bounce back at times... when lifting the pedal and speeding up, i hear a clattering sound which is happening everytime, outside under the car

    6. i find the ride has become uncomfy recently, last few thousand miles, it feels like im being thrown about and what not. not at all comfy, u feel every bump in the road etc

    standard vauxhall astra 53 plate, done 19700 miles
    standard steelies, no alloys

    what do you think?

    im tempted to cancel the harrow one and rebook it in kingston just because of kingston-upon-thames's great service and patience.

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    Ouch...just a few niggles then.

    Definately try another dealer. It will make all the difference.
    It's worth travelling the extra for piece of mind.
    Let us know the outcome.

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