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Thread: Buying Irmscher Side Skirts from vauxhallspares?

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    Buying Irmscher Side Skirts from vauxhallspares?

    I'm looking at buying some irmscher skirts from vauxhall spares. They're brand new and cost £225+postage. What do you think of the price? Also, does anybody know what comes with it, ie, the tutorial on here says that i should get some plastic rivets with the new skirts.

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    I presume that's painted? if not they seem very dear to me, I paid around £100 for mine, unpainted though and they cost me £65 to get painted. As for what's in the kit, just 2 sill covers and a rubber gasket which runs along the top edge on both. You'll need to get some of the rivets which attach them, think there's 10 but buy 12 just in case I'm wrong or get under the car and count them. Plus you'll need to get the elongated figure 8s which go onto studs on the chassis, you won't see these until you remove the old sills, when you've got the rear splash guard off and removed the rivets just grab the bottom lip of the old sill and pull upward, the figure 8 hold it on but they tend to break when they let go, hence the need to replace them. Think there's 5 a side but the EPC at the Vx dealer will let you know, buy a couple extra just in case as well. Fitting is easy, fit the new figure 8 clips, easy when you see them, you'll know what to do and then you hold the sill in approx place and just bang it onto the figure 8 clips, fit the rivets and I fitted the rubber last, try a bit of Thixofix or Bostick glue on the rubber as they tend to come off when the door opens otherwise.

    Try E-Bay or maybe you could ask Joerg at OPC if he can still get some. It's best to get them painted yourself, there are 3 shades of Star Silver for instance so the ones ready painted may not be the right shade for your car.
    Or you could try ringing LMF for a price.
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