just received a set of clear mk3 angel eyes (seems to be made by a company called SONAR, cant tell if there are same as the pics at top of this page) there is a few things i am not happy about:

1) paying 215.00 i am not happy at the finnish on them, its the rubber seal at the indicator parts that are not stuck down properly and the rubber bits will need to be trimmed slighlty then glued back on to correct this, albeit this rubber is not actually doing anything as the glass is moulded at that point so you could probably just remove it, there is a lip about 1cm in from the edge that is well sealed with some solid grey sealer protecting the bulb area.

2) another thing that i am not happy about is that i thought these were a straight swap (plug & play type) but there not, you need to do a bit of crimping/soldering of wires somewhere to get the led halos to work (mayby that was me be naive though).

3) looking at how deep they are i can tell they are going to be an absolute b..ch to change the bulbs in them as they are deeper than factory lights (and i struggle getting them out, unless theres a trick to it i havnt learnt yet)

4) they did not come with the indicator bulbs which i thought ok just use spare bulbs i already have, wrong they dont fit...(the lumpy bit you need to line up bulb is usually at the 12 and 6 oclock position, however the fitment on these lights want a 1 & 6 oclock position) which is a bit of a pain..

apart from that they do look cool as anything.

will update once they are on though.