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Thread: ICE install problem - help please

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    ICE install problem - help please


    Just had my ICE changed over today. Basically, a new Kenwood (6527SE) headunit, some Kenwood 17cm Components, and a Pioneer sub with Kenwood amp (to drive the sub) in the boot. There is also a phone mute lead from the existing Nokia car kit, as well as an Autoleads stering controls adapter.

    The problem is, after everything was installed, it all worked fine and sounded great. driving back, the headunit turned completely off, and wouldn't come back on. Pulling the plug from the rear, and plugging it back on restarts the headunit. On standby its fine, but as soon as you ask for sound, you get half a second and the unit switches off again.

    When it first happened, we pulled the headunit out and the heatsink at the back was very very hot. But we don't even get that far now, as it just won't play a sound.

    We have unplugged the sub but without any effect. Can you guys offer some suggestions for things to check, otherwise it looks like a duff headunit?


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    I'd be looking at the components in ther front door and make sure none of the wiring is shorting out to earth

    Also double check you have the power front the battery and remote round the right way on the amp
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