Spotted this gold coupe(i think it was gold, i seen 2 so i forgot the colour lol).

Anyway X reg, wolfrace matrix/tuscan alloys(?), gold(i think). I didn't see the exhaust because i was infront but sounded like a 4" can. Irmy front lip. Seen around 2-2:15p.m on 11/02/05. Seen it before coming out of Lidl car park, i was in a red coupe turbo, KY53 *** but i think you missed it.

Was a male driver.

Just wonderin who it is and if they're local.

Also the owner of an arden blue GSi G - **53 OKK - i'm gonna flyer your car one day unless you let me know otherwise lol. Not sure if you're on the site or not so i'll wait n see.