I know the first thing people will say is engine transplant but I can't afford it as I have a kid. But what could I do to my astra mk3 as its a 1.4mpi. I mean for looks and performance. And any ideas for price would be good so I know waht to take on board.

So far I have stainless induction kit, decat, ecotek valve (recommend on fuel and throttle response), twin 5'' exhaust, stainless rocket cover, heat shield and srut brace, deep exide battery (blue top one) and as they dont do (well as far as I know) samco hosing I got hold of blue silicone hosing from a rubber firm and tried that and it made a difference surprisingly.

One thing I will say is that I couldn't replace the hose at the front that goes into radiator (the curly one) as I dont know if its ment to be like that or could I put a straight bit of hosing on there?! Do you think that the hosing I put on there would do any damage, it runs better and its ment to be heat proof too?! Any advice on that please?!