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Thread: What's making my Brakes noisy?

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    Unhappy What's making my Brakes noisy?

    Right, front brakes were squeaking as they were a bit worn and had gotten some hard use. (Turns out one of the pads had cracked under the heat.)

    Anyway, me and me Dad fitted a brand spanking new set of proper VX discs and pads on the front axle. I took it gently to let them bed in... done well over 600miles on them now, but they sometimes make a horrible grinding noise.

    The noise:
    It's not a squeak, its more of a grinding noise that depends on road speed. (Still happens with clutch in). Tends to occur when braking resonably swiftly from about 40mph to 5mph.

    It didn't do this before we changed the brakes, so I can only presume that it was something that we did.. or didnt do. Ideas so far:
    1. Disc not on straight
    2. Something wrong with retaining spring
    3. Loose pads??
    4. Somthing else?

    (I dont think it's a stone, cos I've looked and cant see any groove cut in the disc.)

    I'm gonna get my Dad round at the weekend and have a good look at it - any ideas what we should be looking at? Any ideas what it might be?

    Cheers Guys

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    If you've done a good 600 miles then i would have expected the new pads and discs to be well bedded in by now. Are you sure that the pads were seated correctly and that all seals were intact and that the pistons are operating correctly? I'm just wondering if the pistons are operating correctly. The pads do have to be fully cliped in to the piston or else they seat at an angle and could I guess cause a noise similar to what you're describing. If you have had something trapped you will see the evidence when you dismantle it all this weekend.

    Also, did you use a good amount of copper grease? It might be worth checking that the disc/pad contact surfaces have not been contaminated with something grease like.

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