Mother-in-lawWoman- Hitler
The earthquakes -That queer shake
Debit card- Bad credit
Slot machines-Cash lost in 'em
School master-The classroom
Eleven plus two-Twelve plus one
Dormitory-Dirty room
Punishment-Nine Thumps
Desperation-A rope ends it
The Morse code-Here come dots
Snooze alarms-Alas! No more Zs
A decimal point-I'm a dot in place
Astronomer-Moon starer
Fir cones-Conifers
The eyes-They see
Payment received-Every cent paid me1
Conversation=Voices rant on
The public art galleries-Large picture halls,
I bet Election results-Lies – let's recount
Halley's Comet-Shall yet come
The Hurricanes-These churn air
X-Rated Movies-Sex video-mart