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Thread: Seat belt retractor?

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    Seat belt retractor?

    Hi all,
    I have a mk4 astra and have recently noticed the drivers seatbelt isn't returning very well once I unclip it. Will it be possible to tighten the spring or replace the mechanism? I've never removed the fittings around the seatbelt so I think I could do with a Haynes manual too!

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit. I've also noticed that the back offside door has developed a rattle as I'm driving. Is there anything obvious (known) part which can work itself loose to cause this?

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    seat belt. use furniture polish on the belt and work it back and forth this will help it no end. they just get a bit sticky after a while. as for the door nothing obvious need to remove the door card and check if there is any thing loose. try the door check strap first before you remove the door card as these come loose .

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