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Thread: Vectra C Intake Part Numbers.

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    Question Vectra C Intake Part Numbers.

    I keep reading this on this site: "derestrict your airbox and order Vectra C intake pipe and additional adapter pipe, part No's are somewhere on this site". I have tried searching but have found no mention of part numbers. Also - what is this adapter pipe?

    Could someone please let me know the part number for these items please?

    On another similar note, I keep reading about the BMC CDA for example "If you want the best IMO get the BMC CDA (do a search on here)". - But you can do 3 letter searches on this site . Could someone point me in the direction of some info on these (for info purposes as I do not plan to buy one).

    Many thanks.:?
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    It's in the How to - links section.


    Quote Originally Posted by How to.........
    Part numbers.
    Main Pipe. - 9177099
    Adaptor to Airbox. - 9177104

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