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Thread: 1.8 Sport-How can I find out what BHP?

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    Lightbulb 1.8 Sport-How can I find out what BHP?

    I've got a W Plate 2000 1.8 16v Astra Sport and looking back through the Forums noticed that there is 2 versions of the 1.8- 115BHP and 125BHP.

    Could anyone advise how I can tell what version I have?

    Also have to mention that this is a great site-so far with all the info on here I have:
    -Solved how to show the Date when different head unit fitted
    -Cleaned throttle body-sorted out inconsistent rev's issue
    -Fitted Pollen filter, this was most useful as my windows dont mist up as
    much now and the car no longer smells when the hot air is turned on!
    -De-Restricted Airbox

    Cheers everyone-this is what the internet is made for(well almost...!)

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    Glad you find the forums helpfull

    The difference in the engines is that the 115bhp version have a throttle cable and the 125bhp version doesn't and works electricially

    You will also have a spare grommet on the drivers side where the throttle cable should be
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    Electrical fault finding also taken on
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