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Thread: Calling all XBOX Owners

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    Calling all XBOX Owners

    Right had my Xbox now for 2 years this Xmas.. it came with Sega GT2002 and that jet set future thingy....

    Now Sega GT is a crackign game but i have found a downside...

    I have completed anythign and eveyrthing you get a trophy for but...

    the game still doesnt seem complete i've won every car i can... won every upgrade i can....

    is there something i have not done I've done the chronicle mode, went through time attack and the arcade style single player thing but it still doesnt seem liek it's complete...

    Any ideas??? (oh and anyone Know about this "Ford Dragster" you can allegedly get) Low IS a Lifestyle

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    Don't blame me if I say stoopid things or don't understand... I'm half French, half Pinoy lol

    That's no fun being engaged to a Princess... she’s ALWAYS RIGHT & you're always wrong lol

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