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Thread: car insurance

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    car insurance

    my car insurance is due on the 17th of this month

    the cheapest quotes ive had been £720 from elephant but its one of they 10 month bonus accelerators, and i got quoted £833 from adrian flux for the full 12 months

    im not sure wether to go for the 10 month one or not, been told when i go to renew after the 10 months some insurance dont see it as a full year

    anybody got any experiance on this ??

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    yes tis true. i had the 10month accelerator thingy, and luckily realised not long after i had bought it so changed it 2 12 months asap! i dont think that there are many ins companies out there that will honour the 10month "years no claims". pay the extra and get a full year. less hassle, and u get a full years no claims
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