I'm having to order some replacement parts from Whiteline in Australia. However in order to shed some of the very heavy freight charges I've decided the best way would be to buy another anti roll bar and then sell it on afterwards. I've got one of these fitted and I can say they are very easy to fit, make a HUGE difference to the handling of the car and most importantly are nearly half the price of the Regal rear anti roll bar which costs £250. The Whiteline one is FAR superior to the Regal version which a few people have sent back as the fitment method is basically crap. The Whiteline one fits much more securely and most importantly it doesn't come loose. The ARB comes in 2 versions, there's a non adjustable one which I will sell onward for £110 and the adjustable version which will cost £135. I've got the adjustable version which gives 8 different settings allowing you to tune the handling to your preference.

Here's a couple of pics of the ARB fitted so you can see exactly how it fits and what it looks like fitted.

If anyones interested in this before I order in a week or so please let me know stating whether you'd like a Non adjustable or adjustable one.

Thought I'd offer it up to members local to me as it saves postage onward.

Lightning Coupe sorry for posting this here but it needs to be targetted at local members and the for sale section can't do that.