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Thread: Warranty Issues

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    Warranty Issues

    I got a Pioneer AvicX1 navi system fitted into my 53plate astra which has another 2 and a bit years left till the warranty ends

    after going into vauxhall, nothing was said while the repairs were being done (egr valve and a few other things)

    ive just had a dvd changer fitted into the glovebox which meant making two 10pence size holes so the cables could be fed through... do you think this could affect warranty? the glovebox light has been removed too...

    lastly, two large pieces of foam were removed in order for the crossovers to be fitted to the doors when i had my components fitted... again does this affect warranty as i still dont know what these pieces of foam were for
    they are intact, and have GM on it... black and big and strong.

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    I'd very much doubt if any of the above should affect the warrenty - you may only get VX moaning if you get any electrical fault that they can attribute to the work you've had done

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    Like said above I really can't see any warrenty issues. If you have a funny dealer though they might not like the extra bits in the doors
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