A new Network access Disc through their door from Sony??? got mines this morning with a letter reading:

Whats in it for me:
Central Station is easier to navigate
Central Station now has smoother faster access
Your Central Station handle will not change... unless you want it to
You will be able to manage your Central Station account such as editing your paasword changing your address and creating Seconday Profiles.
You can get up to date with all the latest online titles
You can enter and manage Online events via Playstation.com and if you have any problems raise a Grief alert

Why are you sending me a new network access Disc:
So you can access the ever evolving Central Station

What else is included on the new Network Access disc:
Hardware: Online Arena - the military mahem online hit for Playstation2 easy to pick up and play online

You must have bought the Ethernet adaptor previously to receive this disc so who else got it???