Well bless her... i couldn't afford to do the suspension, the tax was up today, so its been put away for a while... it might be a year before i drag it back out.

Its been a good car but did have a few issues... i even washed it before putting it away so it now resides in Kent.
Looks as if it will have a v6 fitted to it once we get it back. It was just way too good to scrap or sell for pennies.

I have been driving the Senator and it feels so bloody weird to drive... i havn't driven anything as big for years, the last was the GSi Carlton.

Me and Ian are well impressed with the car, its faster than a standard Cosworth (which isn't hard ) i'm driving it like Miss Daisy at the moment and it does 38 mpg alot better than the Astra did (22 i think i got out of that)