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Thread: changing ht leads

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    changing ht leads

    hi guys/gals i have a question which may make me sound a bit clueless but hey if it results in my car being fixed what the hell. im having problems with my astra sport mk4 i.6i seems to me that is miss firing i have changed the spark plugs and that helped a little but i think the leads need to be changed too but havent got a clue how to do it as they seem to be in a box????

    anybody no how to do it??

    thanks in advance guys/gals


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    You don't have HT leads.
    Under the engine cover you should have something similar to:

    As you see the ignition has a coil for each plug, which is encased in the central module.
    Spark plugs are under this.

    If you've replaced them, ensure that the connection to this module is clean and well connected.

    There are other things to check that coud make it run better.
    Could be a gunked up ege valve etc.

    I'd just advise getting vauxhall to check it out, or a local garage.
    I'm sure they'll diagnose it for free !

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