Alright everyone,

In Feb 03 I was traveling home, approaching a set of lights, and out of the blue, bang from the rear, I was in my MK3 Astra, she was in a MK4 Astra.

She had hit me about 20mph, causing a lot of damage to my car, and leaving her car with not even a mark on the bumper. She accepted full liability. My car was repaired. They replaced the boot lid, new back bumper and back panel and exhaust.

I suffered whiplash for around 1-2 months.

This morning I received my settlement figure of £1,300.

On the solicitors letter it states “On the basis of the existing medical evidence, the offer is a little low but not wholly unreasonable”

What should I do? Accept the offer, or reject it, if I reject it, what could/may happen?