All of these videos are clean and should be work safe. No nudity or anything like that (sorry ).

This is Great lol

The Reason I Have A Soft Spot For Supras

Why i will never drive in Japan :/

This is Funny and quite weird

Idiot :/ 1 french car down 999999 to go They weren't hurt afaik.

How To Be A Hacker

IF you've lived in america or been to NY then this will be so much more funny Give ti time to load, the video at the top will start on its own.

NOT WORK SAFE and dedicated to artfulmats post when he joined. Contains females in bikinis, so don't say i didn't warn anyone, that's about it.

add more later when i've watched em.....If you can find the Redline movies and like supras i recommend you watch them. I have them all they are great videos. Any specific requests ? rally/drifft/car type/etc. Can't find many opel/vaux video's except a few 1/4 mile times. None of these are mine simply videos I have found to full credit to their respective owners.