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Thread: greenock cruise (the biggie!!!!)

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    greenock cruise (the biggie!!!!)

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    The cruise date for the next show is the 25th of September. The surprise is that we've manage to attract National Car magazine - FastCar UK. This isn't a maybe, or we'll see if we can get there, they are a definate. This means that we can start to punt out leaflets with FastCar's logo on them for the September cruise. So that's the first thing. However, after calling a few companies and explaining that we had secured FastCar UK for the evening, many of the "big boys" now want to come and play. During negotiations the following companies were CONFIRMED as attending :

    CRD - Calder Racing Developments - Specialists in engine tuning, imports and UK leaders in the car industry
    The Garage - Bonnybridge - This is the specialist house that prep'd and showcased John Galt's blue CRX Del Sol which made an appearance at the last few cruises
    The Garage - Wishaw - The Daddies!!! Skylines and Supras which are regularly seen at Crail, Santapod, etc.
    SG Bodyworkx - The Irvine based lads are taking the trip up to see us with something extra special. They have been working on a project car for a number of months with a goal of getting it in as a cover car to FastCar UK. They are set to officially unveil the car to the public at our show!
    DPC - Dicksons Performance Centre (aka Dicksons of Dunblane). Distributors of quality Import cars such as Skylines, Evos, Scoobies, GTOs, etc.
    The Bodyworkx Ltd - - Based in Paisley, this bodyshop and prep centre are confirmed as bringing down a few demo cars for us to drool over - Chris has confirmed he will bring one of the cars up on the evening.
    Modified Car Services - A specialist in Modified car Sales and tuning. Based in Central Belt, they are confirmed as attending the cruise
    Semtech Motors - Tuning specialists are confirmed as definates for coming along
    DC Motorsport - Tuning garage that has a knack of throwing some very quick little cars together (Clios, Novas, Pugs, Saxos, etc.) Confirmed as definates for the evening

    All of the above, I must stress, have confirmed that they are definately coming. Below are some that are still considering whether or not to turn out for the event :

    TRD - Unconfirmed
    FRP Bodykits - Maybe
    Ripspeed - Unconfirmed
    Scottish Custom Painters - Unconfirmed
    Xtreme Autoz - Unconfirmed
    Greer Motorsports - Unconfirmed
    Eastside Performance - Unconfirmed
    Thistle Motorsport - Not Coming

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    Would love to go to this but I need to save my petrol for the rolling road day were having the day after
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