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Thread: Traction Control

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    Traction Control

    Hi Guys

    Just wanted to know how traction control works on the mk4 astra.

    Ok i know it gives the car better traction (obvious) but how does it work. I assumed it was only for 4 wheel drive cars and it splits the power to the 4 wheels who need it most therefore giving better traction.

    BUT as far as i know the mk4 astras are all front wheel drive, so how the hell does it work?

    also is it better to always drive with it on or turn it off if you have the option?

    cheers andy

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    I guess where the traction control system in a 4wd car will give more power to front or rear wheels depending on what needs it most on the Astra it just limits the power to both front wheels sensing through the ABS sensors on all 4 wheels
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    im pretty sure that the system is very simple..
    car computer checks speed of all 4 wheels using the abs sensors (as sparky says), then if one of the front wheels is rotating significantly faster than the other wheels (or rear wheels) then the car assumes wheel spin, and cuts the amount of fuel being flowed by the injectors. This cuts the power quite a lot, to reduce the wheel spin. Once the sensors report all 4 wheels appx same speed, it adjusts the fuling back to normal.

    abs is similar, except when one of more wheels stops (and under high g force i think.. car has a g-meter for air bag deployment etc) then the brakes go on and off so u can still steer.

    the 4x4 system would be more like active stability management - when the computer actually controls the power distribution thru the diffrentials, to send more power to the wheel(s) with more grip. This is mainly for 4wd cars, but i think the GSi has this, cos it can still be applied to 2wd cars.

    another thing is active yaw control - controls the actual turning of the car, like to avoid oversteer. i dont know how this works, but its one of the many magic toys on stuff like the Mitsi EVO's etc.

    as for how to use traction control - in normal driving, it makes no difference whether it's on or off. its only any use during extreme acceleration. if u can control ur wheel spin urself, u can make a quicker getaway with it off - since u can dip the clutch urself to cut wheelspin without killing ur power. traction control systems are pretty cautious on the whole, and will REALLY sap ur power if u spin the wheels. however, if ur not racing and just need to get onto a wet roundabout when theres a truck comming, then best leave it on - else u might be left half out of ur junction, laying down rubber in the rain but not actually moving much!!

    (ps - i learned everything i know from Gran Turismo 4! )

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