We have opened 2 new forums in the Technical Section of the site these are:

N/A Engine Technical Help and Information.

Z20LET & C20LET Engine Techincal Help and Information.

These forums have been asked for by members for some time now, but we thought the site was not big enough. However now we have gone over the 2000 members count we have decided that these forums are becoming increasingly needed.

The forums are for specific questions/topics regarding the engines each forum represents. Things like tuning, problems, information, servicing etc etc should all be directed into this forum that are related to that engine. We are leaving the rest of the technical section for the broader problems that are not only specific to just one engine IE. brakes, electrical, gearbox, induction etc etc.

Obviously there will be many subjects that cross all bounderiers so its not all black and white but we hope that a section just for each type of engine will help make a great database of information for members to read through and to get good reiable replies when you need help

We hope you enjoy using the new forums if you have any problems using them please contact one of the A-S team


The Astra-Sport Team