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Thread: Oil getting past rocker cover bolt

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    Oil getting past rocker cover bolt


    A while ago I thought oil was getting past the oil cap on my turbo. I have since proved this is not the case.

    It is in fact, a small amount of oil getting past the rocker cover bolt to the left of the oil cap. How is this possible? Do the rocker cover bolts have their own gaskets? I am talk about a drop per drive so it doesn't notice on the dipstick, but if I get a cotton bud in there and wipe it it again, a drop of oil is back.

    Also, I know the breather pipe is the one come out of the rocker cover towards the bonnet. There are two further pipes going out at the back. The right one of these two has a brown sediment on it. The sediment is not oil and looks almost like rust, but its a rubber pipe, so how can it be. Any ideas what it is?


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    re: Oil getting past rocker cover bolt

    if it is an ecotec engine then each of the 10 cam cover bolts have there own rubber seal. i bet thats where the oils leaking from. as for the breather pipe is there any splits or is it gone soft as they sometimes seap oil which could be that colour.

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