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Thread: well its three in the morning and

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    well its three in the morning and

    My 12 month old son will not sleep, i have gave him calpol and neurophen for his teeth and now the screaming has stopped as pain has gone, he is wide awak playing on the floor next to me. I thought i would not have to go threw this again as i have done it twice already 15 year old and 5 year old bloody hell i am tired, i do not think i have slept all night for three month. Worth every minute of it though it must be nice to sleep 8 hours non stop
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    lol i know how you feel my little one still wakes up and i have another on the way just think when they start school they get better and when they leave home you can sleep all you like lol

    although there will then be grandchildren to babysit ahhhhhh lol

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