We have been informed by the directors of PVD that the company has gone into receivership. This will mean that many customers with outstanding orders will not receive there products which they have on order.

Any information regarding your order will be passed on to the receivers and each case will be dealt with independently. However we must inform you that the likely hood of you receiving your goods or money back is very unlikely. What you can do now is to speak directly with your bank/credit card company and claim your money back through them. As each company will deal with this differently, we can not assist you or help you with any further information regarding your money, you could also speak to citizen’s advice or trading standards for more help and information.

Astra-Sport along with every other website/community has been kept in the dark regarding this news and it is a shock to us all. All site owners and administration know as much as you, if you feel you need help with dealing with this situation feel free to contact any of us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

For now the best advice we can give you would be to contact your banks/credit card companies and keep a watchful eye on the PVD website for news and information on who to contact regarding outstanding orders or complaints. In the next few days the receivers will also be answering your calls to PVD for help and assistance.

We sincerely hope that not many of our members have been directly affected by this news and that comments can be kept sensible. Our policy on bad mouthing companies as you know is a no go zone, however on this occasion we are fully aware that the news is infact true and feel that some members will need to discuss this with others at length. Our only ask is that personal data concerning the Directors of PVD is not posted on this board, this is due to us (the admin) being directly responsible for that personal information.

We hope that you're not affected by this too greatly.

Regards the Astra-Sport Team.

PVD Website

Citizens Advice Bureau